Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Months To Go Contest!


I'm heading off for an awesome road trip up to New York for the BEA and then a weeks vacation in beautiful Massachusetts and I'm REALLY excited! Not only that, but today is May 13th which means Shadow Hills is debuting in just two months! I can barely wrap my head around it now---I can't imagine how I will react to seeing it in stores.

So to celebrate I've decided to host my biggest contest yet!

First Prize:
- 1 signed (personalized if you'd like) ARC of Shadow Hills
- 1 signed bookmark, 2 unsigned bookmarks and 2 SH buttons & 1 SH magnet

Second Prize:
- 1 ARC of Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Lightly used---as in, I've read its awesomeness.)
- 1 signed bookmark, 2 unsigned bookmarks and 2 SH buttons & 1 SH magnet

Third Prize:
- A swag pack consisting of 1 signed bookmark, 2 unsigned bookmarks and 2 SH buttons & 1 SH magnet

PLUS, if you are one of the first 200 people to enter and you've pre-ordered Shadow Hills you'll get a free bookmark! Just cut and paste an email/receipt (or portion of an email/receipt) that proves you've pre-ordered a copy of Shadow Hills and provide a mailing address on the form and you will get a SIGNED Shadow Hills bookmark!

Here's how to enter: FILL OUT THE FORM---comment are always appreciated, if you'd like to leave one, but it will not be counted as an entry into the contest.

Details: You have to be 13 or older to enter. This contest is INTERNATIONAL! Contest ends at midnight on June 10th central standard time. Winners will be notified by email by or before June 13th. (That's one month before Shadow Hills debuts!)

The items listed below will get you extra entries into the contest. Do as many of them as you like, just let me know which ones you’ve done. The number next to them is how many extra entries they'll earn.

+ 1 for tweeting/retweeting this contest (add @anastasiahopcus so I'll catch it)
+ 1 for following this blog
+ 1 for following me on Twitter
+ 1 for voting for Shadow Hills on any of the Goodreads lists that it is on. You get an extra entry for each.
+ 2 for posting a link to this contest on Facebook
+ 2 for adding Shadow Hills to your TBR on Goodreads
+ 2 for 'liking' the Shadow Hills book trailer on YouTube
+ 2 for changing your Twitter or Facebook or Goodreads user pic to the Shadow Hills cover image. (For a total of six extra entries change all three!)
+ 3 for posting a Shadow Hills countdown widget on your blog/website
+ 3 for 'liking' Shadow Hills on Facebook
+ 3 for blogging a link to this contest as well as the Shadow Hills trailer
+ 3 for blogging a link to this contest as well as the first chapter of Shadow Hills
+ 6 if you have a blog post that includes a link to this contest, the Shadow Hills trailer and the first chapter!
+ 7 for proof that you pre-ordered Shadow Hills from an online retailer


  1. OMFG! This is amazing! Thanks so much for making it international! :)

  2. That's awesome, thanks!

    Questions about BEA:

    Are you gonna be at the Egmont booth?

    If so, what time will you be there, I'd love to meet you!

  3. Do you want proof of all the links? Also the blog post will be available tomorrow :)


  4. Don't worry about linking to everything--that's just too much work! ;)I'm only requesting proof on the pre-orders. Thanks for entering!

  5. Congratulations on your book release!!!

    I can't really read the instructions/text above the boxes in the form. Maybe it's just my computer. I filled it up but I was just guessing. Thank you for the contest!

    Cherry Mischievous

  6. That was one of the problems I was having with the form. I've also added the instructions below the boxes (in gray). And I just checked your form and it all looks great! Thanks for entering!

  7. I really want to read your book, so thanx for the contest!

  8. Y'all are so very welcome! I'm really happy about the BEA and Shadow Hills and I just want to share the joy!

  9. What a fun giveaway! I'll be at BEA on Wednesday, so I'm super stoked.


  10. Awesome---I'll be there on Wednesday, too! Hopefully we'll meet up at some point. :)

  11. Great contest Anastasia! I wasn't sure if you needed a link for proof of post etc so here's mine:
    Hope to see you at BEA!

  12. Thank you for making this great contest international!^O^

    Giada M.

  13. yay!! this is so exciting! thank you for this contest. i just entered (and also pre-ordered for the first time ever!) :)

  14. Grats on the book release! This looks like a great read! I'm having problems with the countdown widget working on my blog, but I did try to post it. :(

  15. so the +7 is only for those who entered this contest who ALSO pre-ordered?

  16. Sorry I didn't get back to these comments, I was vacationing in the mountains out of WLAN range (where the interwebs don't roam). ;) But, in answer to the question raised above, the +7 is for people who have pre-ordered Shadow Hills AND entered the contest. But there are lots of other ways to get extra entries so you can pick which ones you want to do.