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I'm incredibly excited by the reviews Shadow Hills has been getting, and I wanted to show them off a bit! I've paraphrased my favorite parts of each review into a bite-sized blurb, but I've also added a link so you can read the whole review exactly as the blogger wrote it. Please check out all these blogs have to offer, as I love to be able to support these great bloggers who are supporting my book. Thanks again everyone---these reviews make me so beyond happy!

Update 4/10/10: Four reviews that made me jump around and clap my hands like a six year old:

Review from:

I loved this book. I loved Phe. I loved Graham. I loved Zach. I loved that our heroine Phe (though not perfect) did not fall for a bad boy. *breathes* Okay so this story was so awesome. Witchcraft + mythology + romance + supernatural happenings + teen angst = this story. I loved how all the elements fit together.

At one point in this book I actually got chills, which hasn't happened to me while reading in quite awhile. I really think this is a great step in the right direction with paranormal romance.

Review from:

What isn't a book without some romance? I, for one, love it. The character of Zach drew me in from the moment he was introduced. He was a well developed character who did have the mysterious side to him, but it wasn't an over-done sort of thing. All of the characters in this story, whether they're role is small or large, really stood out. What I liked it how easily I could see this group of teens together at the school living in this odd town packed full of secrets.

Basically if you are a lover of the paranormal then you'd be silly to even think about passing this book up in July! Go pre-order it now!

Review from:

If you love young adult novels with a paranormal twist you will like this - but be prepared, this isn't your average light young adult novel - this is a little darker and more serious. It's a clean book, I don't remember anything being outstanding as something I wouldn't want my 9-year-old to read (though he is too young for this book).

So check it out - if you like the more serious YA books then this is one for you. I am looking forward to the series continuing and will snap up the next book as soon as it comes out (at least I am assuming it will be a series, while the ending tied everything up nicely it still appears there is more to come.)

Review from:

With the stunning cover this one has and tagline of "His love captivated her...His secrets might kill her." it's simply a given to say that I was excepting greatness from Shadow Hills, and lucky enough for me, greatness it exactly what I received! Since Shadow Hills was a fast paced and captivating novel that went as far as to show that Anastasia Hopcus is a fantastic new star in the YA world!

Update 3/25/10: Sometimes a review isn't a five star, but regardless, I really love what that review has to say:

Review from:

Just when you thought the paranormal genre was all out of fresh ideas, along comes Anastasia Hopcus. The supernatural mystery behind the town of Shadow Hills is a delectably unique mixture of Wicca, witchcraft, mythology, and superpowers, wrapped up in a believable contemporary setting. Hopcus reaches back several centuries and even across an ocean to chart the progression of the supernatural element in an entirely plausible manner that I appreciated.

SHADOW HILLS freshens up an oversaturated YA genre with a believable romance and interesting take on the supernatural in the town’s history.

Update (3/15/2010) I'm adding on two more reviews that I'm super-stoked about:

Review from:

This novel is breath of fresh air. Hopcus' writing is so fluid that at times it hardly felt like I was reading. While the novel is a little thick at 400 pages, it certainly does not read that way. The pages fly by with entertaining characters and a mystery that you will be dying to find the answers to.

Review from:

The storyline gripped me and I found it hard to put the book down. The characters were all interesting, and the ties to history, both ancient and more recent, was intriguing to read about. A fantastic debut from Hopcus- preorder this one!

Review from:

Shadow Hills is a craftily written love story about a girl who has a destiny that she is trying to understand which also leads her to the boy of her dreams. A story that has a little bit of everything; suspense, mystery, mythology, mild reference on alcohol and drugs, comical moments and anger. Watch out for formidable scenes and unexpected twist and turns. Anastasia Hopcus did an excellent job on weaving her story and characters. It has depth and impressive conceivable meaning and she has left trails of excitement for the next book.

Review from:

The divide between the students from town and the students who are boarding at the school is so definite. They don't consort or befriend - but Phe cannot help but keep attracting the attention of Zach and they become more than just classmates as the book progresses.

I really liked the setup of this book, the reason behind which Phe leaves for Shadow Hills, the lurking mystery behind the town, and the interesting characters. After this book, I need more and I hope Hopcus has a few more books in store for us.

Review from:

I read it in one day. I loved it. This book was able to put you into a modern yet out of touch world that will send very creepy vibes your way.

Review from:

If I could describe Shadow Hills in three words, I would say: refreshing, beautiful, and captivating…it will capture your attention through most of its entirety. Phe is now one of my favorite characters all time… I loved this book and definitely will get myself a copy… Incredible debut.

Review from:

The back story of Shadow Hills is so deep and well developed that you can’t help but suspect everyone right off the bat, even though you’re not sure what exactly you are suspecting them of. The first chapter is a fabulous opening. It’s informative, visual, and suspenseful. You get a small dose of everything the book has to offer.

A fabulous mix of suspense, horror, mythology, and comedy, Shadow Hills is a fabulous read for fans of any genre.

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I might be developing a blurb addiction...

I have a new quote from---drum roll, please---Saundra Mitchell! She is the author of THE spookiest southern ghost story/coming of age novel that I've read in years. I mean, really, if you enjoy any of those elements you will adore Shadowed Summer. Which is one of the reasons why I was beyond elated to hear that she liked Shadow Hills. The other reason was this awesome quote:

From the unique mythology, to Phe's fresh, modern voice, I savored every single page of this! I really hope there's going to be a sequel, because I need more Phe, Zach, Adriana and smart, sexy sci-fi in my life!

To read her full review of Shadow Hills just click here!