Thursday, April 1, 2010

I might be developing a blurb addiction...

I have a new quote from---drum roll, please---Saundra Mitchell! She is the author of THE spookiest southern ghost story/coming of age novel that I've read in years. I mean, really, if you enjoy any of those elements you will adore Shadowed Summer. Which is one of the reasons why I was beyond elated to hear that she liked Shadow Hills. The other reason was this awesome quote:

From the unique mythology, to Phe's fresh, modern voice, I savored every single page of this! I really hope there's going to be a sequel, because I need more Phe, Zach, Adriana and smart, sexy sci-fi in my life!

To read her full review of Shadow Hills just click here!


  1. Oooh! There's an Adriana! 5 stars just for that :D

    I really can't wait for your book to finally release, it sounds so amazing!

  2. I love this book! I can't wait until it comes out!!!

  3. I have read nothing but good things about this book!! Can't wait...

  4. Congrats! Cant wait to finally read Shadow Hills for myself:D

  5. Thanks for all the sweet comments! I'm so lucky that such wonderful authors have wanted to read Shadow Hills. It's more than I could have ever hoped for!