Monday, September 28, 2009

If you don't ask...

So I've read a few tweets from bloggers saying they feel nervous requesting ARCs. Well, I can't speak for everyone, but I can certainly say you don't have to worry about that with me. In fact, it totally makes my day when a book blogger wants to review SHADOW HILLS.

Now, I can't promise every person who requests a review copy will get one (in the end that comes down to my publishing company) but I do keep a list of everyone who has asked for an ARC and when they come in I will be using that list to get as many advanced copies out to people as I can.

You can leave a comment here, send me an email, or contact me on twitter (or livejournal or goodreads or my webpage), but please let me know if you are interested. Also, I'm happy to give out swag for contests and the like so if you would like me to send some to you (after I get it in, that is) don't hesitate to ask. This is your chance to indulge in an author approved greed fest, don't pass it up!


  1. I would love the chance to review Shadow Hills when you get ARCs! It is one of my most anticipated books of 2010. Also, I was wondering if you would mind doing an interview or guest post after I have the chance to review your book? And possibly a swag giveaway?

    The best way to contact me is via email:


  2. Thanks so much! I think my expression right now could only be described as beaming. I'd love to do an interview/guest post on your site when it gets closer to summer---and I'm all about giveaways. I've now got you down on both the swag and ARC lists. I'll email you as soon as I have any updates or goodies to send you!

  3. I can't wait for your novel to come out! It sounds awesome.

  4. Thanks Meaghan! I haven't been this excited about summer since I was in high school.

  5. Thanks so much, Anastasia! I'm excited to get to talk to you more!

  6. Of course! It's so cool to talk to someone who loves YA as much as I do!

  7. Hi Anastasia.
    I'm really excited for your book. It sounds amazing. I would love to be added to the list for an oppurtunity to review an ARC of Shadow Hills.

    P.S.- I looooove your hair. It is so cool, and bold, and well, fierce! :) I wish I could pull off something like that, but sadly it would not work with my pale complection.
    P.S.S.- I just noticed your hair matches the flame-esk/brush stroke? effect on your book. How cute:)

  8. Thanks, Dani! I've got you down on the ARC request list! BTW, I'm also a fan of the way my book and hair match. I guess I can't change my color now. :)

  9. Hahahaha:)
    Yeah I guess your forced to stay with that hair color. (Why would you want to change it though?)
    But just imagine how cool you will look in a while when you can do author signings(!) and your hair will match the cover. :) It will be pretty awesome.

  10. At least that part will be awesome. I just hope I don't make a total idiot out of myself at signings. I'm a dreadful public speaker.

  11. Hi, I would love to be added to the list. I just adore the cover of Shadow Hills!

    Swag is awesome, too. I'm a big fan(:


    kelseythebookscout at gmail dot com

  12. Hi Kelsey!

    I'm so happy you want to read Shadow Hills! The ARCs are up at Egmont now, so I will be sending the request list in soon. Very exciting! I'll email you about the swag.

  13. I can't wait to read your book! I put it on my list "to read" for the "Debut Authors Challenge" hosted by The Story Siren. The plot sounds intriguing! I would love to be added to your reviewers list! I also LOVE holding contests! I would be happy to help promote your book by holding a contest for swag and/or a book! Who doesn't love swag right?! :D If you are interested, I would also love the opportunity to interview you on my blog when your release date nears. I know you must be SO EXCITED!!! Congrats!! By the way.. Thanks for following my blog and my Twitter!!

  14. Hi!
    I sent you a message on Facebook about a review copy. If they aren't all gone, I would love to review your book for Night Owl Reviews ( We get over a million hits a month and have an entire section devoted to YA. Thanks so much!!!!